Monday, 26 November 2012

Buenos Aires

After a crap night on the plane and a very cramped and uncomfortable 15 hour flight from Frankfurt (thanks to the fat guy next to me who I dug in the ribs a few times) we arrived in a sunny 22 Deg C and warm Buenos Aires. Two hours to clear customs and immigration and thats without the bikes. Tomorrow we set off early to see if they have arrived and to try to extricate them from Customs. Got a taxi to the famous Dakar Motos to meet Sandra and Javier who'll we be staying with for the next few days while we sort stuff out and get acclimitised to the weather and customs. All good so far!
Just passing by Rio de Janiro this morning (as you do) seen on the planes whereabouts panel

And during the boredom in the Airport waiting for officialdom to take over we spotted this, "Newcastle disease" Does that mean the streets will not be filled with almost naked revellers on a winter night?


  1. Hi,
    Assuming you have British passports, do you think the customs took a long time because of that? I'm thinking of the Falklands "problem".
    Howard M
    AKA blacktiger

    1. Hi Howard, nope , it just South America, and we were there after one of the many "holidays" so it was busy, Sandra from Dakar Motos (google it) helped us get the bikes out, she also organised insurance for the Mercorsur countries, we had to go into the office in BA to get the "green card" but no probs and not expensive (3rd party only)Next time we should need Insurance will be Equador