Sunday, 28 October 2012

More organisation

Time seems to be flying by, got a bit more organised, as always facing the travellers dilemma, what to take? I've settled for all that's in the bag I'm holding, that's my clothes for the next year, I've taken more for a weekend at Applecross! As always the quandry, how many T shirts, socks, underwear? Now socks and underwear aren't a huge issue, they can be easily washed at the end of the day (providing there's somewhere to wash then), hopefully we'll manage to find suitable sinks etc every couple or three days otherwise we I'll be starting the rotation system which makes a pair of drawers last 4 days, day 1 normal, day 2 reversed front to back, day 3 inside out and day 4 reversed again! so in theory my 3 pairs will last 12 days although I may find as time goes on less people are willing to get to close to me. Most of the room on the bikes will be used for tools and spares, cooking and camping stuff and of course the electronic equipment to record the trip. about 1 1/10th is left for clothes, good eh?

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