Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All clear (hopefully)

So today a visit to the US consulate first thing to get our interviews for a visa, I'm sure it wen't well. I was a tad annoyed at having to jump through this (expensive) hoop but when you see the people who are there doing the same thing? I reckon 70% were not UK citizens (or even EU) so I'm wondering if its a back door ploy to get a visa for these guys? Anyway it went OK, after that we went into the town where I left my rucksack in a cafe and only realised when I was on the "Tour" bus!, it shows how Belfast has changed, not so long ago my bag would no doubt have been blown up in a controlled explosion!
Enjoyed the tour but still dismayed at the sectarianism that still bubbles under the surface in the city, although the "political" murals are important I can't help thinking they keep the divide alive.
We had lunch in the famous Crown bar opposite the Europa Hotel which had the dubious distinction of being the most "bombed" Hotel in Europe (the tour giude informed us that it had been targeted more than 70 times but "only" 50 attempts were successful!) An excellent couple of pints of Guiness were taken with lunch, funny how Guiness never travels well (or at least as good) when it leaves Ireland!

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