Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Breva sold

So after a period of inactivity and me thinking my Guzzi Breva was going to go into hibernation for the year I'm away it sold! Jamie comes on Monday to pick it up, I brought it to Edinburgh yesterday and really enjoyed the ride, it was every bit as good as I remembered. Took it to Saltire motorcycles just along the road for an MOT this morning and it passed. I was sitting outside the garage at 9am this morning having a cup of tea, the sun was actually quite warm out of the wind, moments like that really cheer you up, a fresh October morning, good to be alive!
I'll be sorry to see the big Guzz go but the money in the piggy bank will be useful on the big trip!
Also it seems a bit bizzare but I've booked a room in Ushuaia for Christmas (I'm going to camp for New year) it felt wierd booking a room so far away and thinking I'll hopefully be turning up there on my bike thats sat in my garage just now in Scotland. The picture shows the distance between the two points of Edinburgh and Ushuia, 8349 miles as the crow flies (if a crow could fly that far!)

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