Sunday, 30 September 2012

September out in a blaze of sun

After a poor start to the morning with heavy rain and wind we ended up having a grand run over the Lamermuir hills after a pit stop for Tea and rolls at Gifford. A really nice afternoon with empty roads once we got clear of the end of the month payday lunatic Ikea shoppers!!
It actually felt warm on the return leg, Fiona only joined us for the first part of the run and Kevin departed to see a pal in Aberdeen and so we were 5!  It would have been easy to not bother today what with the rain and a slight hangover but I'm sure we're all glad we made the effort! October tomorrow and the clock is now ticking away to our departure for Argentina.
Had a call from Motorrad to say they managed to break a part of my fork leg during the warranty work so now its another week at least before I get it back, it now gone from "I'm not in a hurry" to "panic, I'm in a hurry"
The bikes leave 6 weeks tomorrow and there's a fair bit of prep work to do on them so the pressure is on. Priority this week is to get my bike sorted out and then hopefully Fi's will be back home next week so we can get it ready, then a short roadtest (no point in wearing them out here!) and then thats it, all systems go hopefully

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