Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back on a Norton

Sunday was quite a good day in Scotland so a chance to get out on a Norton for the first time in three weeks, and it felt great, compared to the BMW it feels like its got more power and like a favourite pair of gloves, fits just right. The only small problem was that somehow during the week I managed to hurt my back so the suspension on this particular Commando isn't brilliant so every bump (and our roads have many!!!) felt like I was being kicked, spoiled the fun a bit but being on the Norton again did make me smile. Not sure how I'll cope being without my Nortons for a year?
Now the problem the world over is that driving standards amongst the general public are quite frankly terrible, sunny days seem to exacerbate this and there were plenty of "dithering" idiots around at the weekend, be careful out there, nobody actually pays much attention past their front windscreens! Picture of the bike at a very sunny Gullane Beach.

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