Sunday, 9 September 2012

Might be the last good warm day of the Summer?

Well thats what to gloom and doom mongers are saying so it would have been rude not to take advantage of it. Out on the Commando today, brunch at the excellent Picnic cafe in South Queensferry then a run past Knockhill to Powmill for more tea and some strawberries and cream. The roads around Knockhill (Scotland main race circuit) are shockingly bad, the surface has been fixed for most of the way but the amount of muck on the roads left by tractors is verging on criminally irresponsible. I understand farmers have to work but don't leave half your fields on the roads! and if its unavoidable some signs would be good, the police of course should take some responsibility but obviously don't! I expect it to be bad and ride accordingly but not everyone will be aware of the hazards and it could easily lead to problems.
Spotted this chain (on a Morini, bottom picture) and it wins the award for most neglected chain this week (its usually mine!)


  1. Spotted the Norton on way through Q/ferry today, turned round to see if you were at the bike, but no one about. Had a quick cuppa, then headed over the bridge, off for Knockhill and passed the same muck and 'smell' on the roads. Stopped off near Alva at a mates for a blether. Good day out

  2. I would have been in the cafe across the road, I find the "Bikers" cafe a bit hit and miss for banter sometimes. Aye the whole place smells of S*ite up there. Oh well, missed the rain, thats the main thing!

  3. Good evening Gino,
    Didn't spot the Commando or Kawa, but had a grand run in the Angus Glens via Blair, Alyth, Backwater, Balintore Castle, Kirrie, Forfar and Arbroath for mid afternoon fish supper + ice cream from Marco's. Then a canter back against looming black clouds, through to Forfar, Burrelton, Meiklour, Spittalfield, Waterloo, Pitcairn and Busby. Dry talc on the road at every field entrance and high speed corn carts, but nothing sloppy & smelly! 'Ramps' (planed potholes) on the backroad between Pitcairn and Busby, would ding a rim if unlucky. Got in as a light shower arrived, it would have made the talc very interesting. Grand day out. Good health.

  4. Good stuff, need to remember that if I'm around these parts, muck everywhere and potholes to suit, remind me why i pay road tax?