Friday, 7 September 2012

When is motorcycling not enjoyable?

Strange question to open this post but I thought I'd ask, we were at the Lothians Classic club meet last night, windy and dry turned to windy and wet. That I didn't mind, enjoyed it actually, out on the Mk3 Commando which was going well. Coming home though it was wet , windy and dark, its the dark I hate, not the dark itself but the fact when its dark and wet and no moonlight on small roads you are constantly being blinded by car drivers who either don't dip or have these 4x4's with lights shining right in your face. Cars following in these situations make me uneasy also , they never give you enough room. Anyway I think you can figure out that wet and dark on  busy unlit roads is probably my least favourite motorcycling!
On a positive note my good friend Martin Connachy posted over the sample design that he will put onto a couple of shirts for us so we look posh when invited to the various UK Embassies around the Americas as we travel for wine and nibbles.......Aye right!!!

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