Monday, 20 August 2012

The Story so far

I'm not sure how much I missed in the random posts so far, apologies for the lack of good photos, I'll do a run through when I get back. Today was the hottest so far, 40 Deg C at 12 noon! I like the heat but today has been debilitating. Cooling down now and maybe some storms coming in, great!
So far the Ukraine wins for the worst roads and for the most helpful people, Romania was disappointing, new roads but it seems more street urchins begging than ever before, none of them look malnourished so I'm assuming they are professional beggars a la Fagan. Hungary had some helpful people also but I'm afraid Bratislava was a bit of a let down. The Czech republic has the best beer and the cheapest. The bikes have been a constant source of worry, they have a habit of cutting out over some bumps if your doing 75mph and mine sometimes doubles the revs on the rev counter, Not that great really but then they are still going so that's good.
A great trip so far and Germany tomorrow, keep tuned for the next episode.

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