Thursday, 16 August 2012

Four countries in one day!

Well that ended up a marathon, up early this morning and made our way to the Slovakia Ukraine border, the crossing took about an hour, not helped by some confusion on the name on Fi's registration document! Good parctice though, into the first town in Ukraine, got lost, asked a guy who spoke no English for directions, meanwhile another guy pulls upin a Hummer, says he's a biker and has a biker bar, did we want to go, offered to show us out of town but the first guy took the task on (in a Honda CRV, second one to help on the trip)
Roads were in the main shockingly bad, the bikes took a pounding, i'll add pics and video when I get back to let you see, the lunch stop was good, kebab type meal and cheap. The big problem is the lack of road signs, and when they are there they are in cryllic! Lost again a guy on a GPZ 500 led us out of town , lost again I asked a old farm worker for directions, he started shouting at me, then realised I was asking for help, he had a big hammer in his hand which I didn't notice at first, Fi thought he was going to hit me with it!
Out of Ukraine into Romania, another 45 minute crossing in scorching heat, the roads in Romania are now amazing, all brand new thanks to EU money, but that means loads of roadworks also. Stopped at a exchange office to try to change our Ukraine money for Romanian, the grumpy bitch wouldn't take them and pissed me off , loads of barefoot kids hassling us for money so we hightailed it into Hungary, now in a nice Hotel for the night ( a mobylette rididg guy helped us find it).
So today has been hard, very hard but we did it and have been helped by many nice people, thats what travelling is all about. Pics and more of the story will follow when I'm less knackerd! 

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