Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Round up

Well the trip certainly showed us how the small BMW's performed, a bit wheezy on the Autobahn where everything is doing 100mph + but great apart from that. The issues seem to be fixed and the next thing (after some warranty work) is to get the seats made more comfortable. I often wonder about bike manufacturers and why they don't test the seats, for an "adventure bike" to only have a 100 mile range before your backside starts nipping is a tad dissapointing. Some pics from the tour which in the end was just over 3500 miles.


  1. Catching up with my "reading". A 3500 mile shakedown trip completed. Congratulations. Been enjoyable looking at the pics, and vicariously doing some "traveling". Sounds like you got to shake out some problems. I agree about the non-comfort of so many seats. How did the chain oilers seem to do?

  2. The chain oilers worked to an extent, I've still to master the "correct" flow which is pretty impossible in varying temperatures, but despite me over oiling my chain it didn't need adjusting once in 3500 miles Fionas was pretty worn when we left and it still did the trip with a couple of adjustments. Although they make a mess sometimes they will give peace of mind on a long trip.
    I've got one of the seats being worked on just now in an effort to increase comfort (which won't be difficult!)