Thursday, 23 August 2012


A short run today to Mons in Belgium for a night in a hotel to catch up with sleep before the Begonia Rally. Abenden was a nice place but was dead and both pubs we were in were waiting to close the doors as soon as we left and we were out on the street with no Whisky reserves at 9.15!!! The guys were saying it hadn't been a good season but then again I think they should have encouraged the two customers they did have!
A bit of an incident when I had to ask our next door neighbour to shut the F*ck up after 11pm, he pretended he didn't understand but the noise stopped!! But then I was wound up and didn't sleep much, so the last few days have had a lack of sleep for noise reasons (Thunder, trains, motorway noises , etc etc) Biggest problem is I think is I've not been drunk enough to sleep through it, must try harder!!
Bike seems to be behaving today so I'm hoping it was the battery connection issue (pretty sure it was) Off for some food and a nice wine now before the run over to the Begonia tomorrow and an assault on the liver!!

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