Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hot hot hot

Another 250 miles today in a heat range in the high 30's. Sunday is a good day to travel cs there are no trucks on the road. Now in Karlstein just south of Prague. Having a rest day tomorrow before the run to the Begonia rally. The bike cut out on me today cs it went over a bump indicating there is a bad connection somewhere . Got it going after a stop on the motorway. Just like riding a Norton but not cs comfortable though.


  1. Hi gino, I remember a visit to the Kamen motorcycle museum in the nineties, they had a example of the first motorcycle ever, a Daimler-Maybach Petroleum Reitwagen.
    Kamen is south-south-east of Prague, between Tabor and Pelhrimov. But than again, in this heat...
    cheers, Bennie

  2. Cheers Bennie, too hot to put a helmet on today, chilling with a Beer!