Monday 27 November 2023

Highway robbery the modern way

 I know its November because our car insurance is due, as if November wasn't depressing enough it also reminds us that it's an anniversary of our return from our Americas Trip, in this case 10 years, really depressing. The title of the blog is because I renewed our car insurance online, it seemed like a good price and today I thought I would check up to see if the policy was ok, I couldn't access it online so had to speak to a person on the phone, the issue was that somehow I had put the Date of Birth down wrong (due to a moment of stupidity using the drop down box online) My birthday was down as May where as I'm sure you all know (take note) it's June. Now to change the date to the correct one I was charged £35 and £25 admin fee, so £60 because I hadn't got the date right (which I would have noticed well before the policy started if they had sent me a printed copy which they didn't) A very bitter phone call later and eventually they waived the £25 admin fee (Mrs R had to take over the call because my power of reasoning had been replaced with rage) So Bank of Scotland who I have banked with since I was 18, paid them thousands in Mortgage repayments in the past never mind about the thousands in interest with personal loans during my racing days and who have quite happily benefited from the cash in the past from my business account and my personal accounts and who as a taxpayer we saved them when all the banks got it wrong in 2008 cant see it as a mistake and still steals money from me, Highway robbery the modern way!

Thieves vagabonds and bankers should all be lumped together under the one umbrella! Oh and politicians!

Anyway despite the weather I got out on the R100 on Wednesday despite the rain and gale force winds, very refreshing it was too and Sunday we got the 650's out despite the near zero temperatures to get to Tullybannocher for lunch, it refreshes the mind and the soul  

Very wet and windy
Dreich even
Bikes looked surprisingly clean
And the frost lifted


  1. OOOO! "Terms and Conditions"! You should of had the statuatory 14 days grace/cooling off period, in which to make amendments. Whilst I do have car insurance with BoS the bikes are elsewhere, with a small company that doesn't make any charges for amendments/additions. You'ld have field day with the fleet! Thank you for the tootling, but the Duke has stayed put, the gritter was past again last night, so the volume of salt on the road will increase right through this cold spell. However, it appeared that none had been spread on the minor roads when we took a toodle in the box. I know! Good health to you both, Myreside

  2. Don't talk to me about insurance companies, I called Zenith on 23/11 and said "My insurance runs out on 24/11 and I haven't had a renewal price" I was told that they had sent me a letter (which I never got) saying that Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a renewal quote based on your current details, but they hope they may be able to help with my insurance needs again in the future, Haha like that's going to happen. anyway well done on getting out on the bikes, too cold for me.