Wednesday 15 November 2023

Escaping the salt

 A weekend escaping the salt really, despite the councils having a shortage of money it seems they still manage to keep the roads salted, funny enough just before a week's rain which will wash it all away. I don't think there is much forward planning on these things or common sense, "the forecast says it might be icy tonight so lets get the gritters out, doesn't matter if its going to be all washed away tomorrow" It's like the blinkered response to the last flood, "Nobody told us it would rain, that's why we didn't close the flood gates"

So funny if it wasn't so tragic, funny I had a strange dream the other night that David Cameron was made a Lord so he could get back in the cabinet through the back door, then I woke up and realised it wasn't a dream and it actually happened. I just wish my other Dreams would come true especially the one where everybody got on and we could travel unhindered and people could live their lives without fear and without war.

Anyway enough nonsense, Saturday I was left to my own devices and had a good run on the R100 BMW, I realised the small roads were salt free and took advantage, some nice photographic opportunities and sunshine made my day, I even saw a couple of other Motorcycles out and about. I then had an idea of trying to take photos without getting off the bike, not the best way you might think but it's the start of what I'm sure will be a world best seller of "Photos from the Saddle". Riding along I spotted a 4x4 off the road and on it's side near Gleneagles, obviously the all terrain capabilities didn't include corners on a small country road! The police had done their bit by putting police tape near it so we, the general public know they are on the case, later on just outside Milnathort there was a Tesla in a field, obviously not on purpose and if it was a note to Driver, they are not off road vehicles. That got me thinking, what happened? did the autopilot think the road was straight? did it fancy a bit of off roading, did it perhaps see a electric tractor in the field and fancy a bit of positive to negative mating or even positive to positive (which would have caused a big explosion no doubt) Anyway, these thoughts go on in my head and blot out the realities of the real world, whatever that is.

Sunday my partner in crime was back in the saddle and we took the 650 BMW's out, they have seen so many things in their short lives it keep both our brains from reality, reliving moments "on the Road" Once again we took the small roads thus avoiding the salt and by and large the general public  and it was wonderful, some photos taken and we turned up at Cultybraggan camp only to be disappointed that the cafe was closed, obviously lack of trade in the winter? Whatever it will be spring before we try again, Luckily Tullybannocher was open and doing a roaring trade, met a couple from Bellshill on a 650 custom type Royal Enfield, the rider had done 5000 miles on it since the end of August, he had only got into Motorcycling a couple of years ago and had over 20,000 miles under his belt, fair play and proves there's hope for the Motorcycle industry after all. We wobbled back on the same roads, avoiding the suicidal Pheasants which seem to get more stupid year on year and Fiona narrowly avoided a huge Buzzard on the Madderty road who flew up with its dinner in its beak and within millimeters of Fiona's front tyre, how it managed to avoid contact I don't know but I'm sure it will have needed a toilet break, 

Weirdly the bikes weren't even that dirty so that ended a great weekend, lets see what nonsense this week brings (and hopefully a stop to the incessant rain and dullness) Get out there and enjoy it, it's better than Eastenders (mind you that's where the next member of the cabinet might come from......)

No salt Dry roads
Such a nice view had to take a photo from the other side
Tesla off road fail 
Sun over Kinnoull Hill
Leaves still nice
Mist on the Hills
Fi wondering where to go for a cuppa
A trio of BMW singles (there must be a name for that)
Before the Buzzard near miss


  1. Well done on getting out, both Saturday and Sunday by the time I got home and thought about going out it was after 14.30 and starting to get cold and with the darkness coming in so early it was hardly worthwhile going out. Fingers crossed for next weekend, one day of metal detecting and one day of biking.

  2. Dreich today Budge so some house maintenance..... hate it, tomorrow bikes!