Thursday, 1 December 2022


 As always I am constantly looking at the weather forecast, even in what we call summer, I am constantly checking to see if I'm going to get wet and cold on the bike. Of Course when we are well into the end of November its not any different, it's normally how wet will we get and how cold will it be. As we have heated Jackets the cold isn't the show stopper it was, you can ride all year round and feel quite warm, sometimes it is actually a thought to stop the bike anywhere because you lose the heat. The main thing I look for now is the frost and ice and obviously the snow, that then becomes dangerous and its time like these that we wish we hadn't sold our Sidecar which was ideal for the snow and icy conditions. This week though has been fine and we managed out on Sunday and I ventured out myself on Monday, as I've said before a couple of hours on the bike is enough to reset any stresses and keep your mind in a positive frame, it should be available on the NHS (It makes more sense than some of the stuff they are championing at the moment!)

The other great news is that the 650 BMW's are still managing 75 -80 miles per gallon, that makes it even more enjoyable. In garage news, I managed to get the Velocette going last week after fitting the Thorspark electronic ignition which was a result and its now parked until Springtime when I finalise the small adjustments to the timing. The Mk3 Commando is on the bench, getting some TLC which was overdue, its been my go to Norton for a while and now needs some fettling before next year when the plan is for Fiona to ride it more whilst I get MVD out of long term hibernation to start wearing that out again!

If you can keep on keeping on, you know it makes sense!

Tea stop
Theraputic view
The road ahead
One less to run out in front of me, how stupid are these things?
Blue sky, November, not bad!
It's always worth stopping to admire the view


  1. Hi Gino and Fiona, ta for the continuing pleasure of keeping armchair motorcyclists like myself informed and entertained. I used to do all year round stuff, but ower saft noo! Have a great festive season both.
    Eric and Amy from Smokey land.

  2. Glad to hear you and fi are well , brian said you had a bit of a turn last year , keep well and ride safe