Monday 21 November 2022

A wee hurl over same favorite roads

 The weekend didn't look too promising after a very wet and stormy week, floods seemed to be everywhere and the ground is now totally saturated meaning the fields are just running off into the roads, the roads cant cope as the cooncil seems to have stopped any attempt at maintaining drainage as they have no money. Mind you plenty money for "vanity" projects like building a new bridge over the Tay (I am all for new roads where it's sensible) which involves more deforestation and farming land being covered in tarmac, plenty money for new traffic lights in the city which do nothing but create holdups and frustration for road users trying to get into the town to spend money or to do their work, the same traffic lights which also increase the fumes from vehicles for pedestrians, and the same traffic lights which give cyclists carte blanche to jump queues and create others because the think they are the most important road users on the planet. Meanwhile our cash strapped government (!!!!) rather than doing sensible stuff like upgrading the A9 would rather spend money on complete nonsense (which I will not go into here)

Now that sounded like a rant, sorry, the amount of insanity in the world gets to me sometimes because all I want to do is selfishly enjoy myself and motorcycling is a huge part of that.

So back to Sunday, a damp but brighter day so we took out the BMW's for a run, topped up the fuel and met fellow Norton and Guzzi Owner Ian at the petrol station, he was in the car although I didn't get the impression he would rather be on the bike, heated gear Ian, makes all the difference. The wonderful thing about motorcycling is the ability to make it up as you go along, we headed through Crieff and Comrie, we then saw that Tullybannocher was open so a coffee and for me two bacon rolls followed, It appeared to be the consensus that would be closed until the end of January. It looked clear towards Loch Earn so we headed that way and then up Glen Ogle to Killin, the roads were quiet and despite the wet roads it was excellent. We headed along Loch Tay and took the GlenQuaich road back to the Sma Glen, Glenalmond and home, almost 100 miles and excellent! Glen Quaich was a bit of a challenge as the water running down the road made it feel we were riding up a river, be careful if you get over there soon, the associated gravel can make it a bit treacherous. Hopefully the "Winter" stays away for a while yet, there is still fun to be had even though it is Cooler (although a heated jacket helps) Stay safe, enjoy yourself and try not to let the insanity of the modern world get to you. 


Loch Tay and blue sky
and again
Looking towards Kenmore on the Glen Quaich road
Towards Amulree


  1. Thank you for the tootling! Within the hour the Duke was heading nor'east for the East Perthshire/Angus Lakelands! Luckily the Wellmeadow and Market Brae were open to traffic (closed for re-surfacing during the week!) as any roads to the east of Meikleour and west of Kirrie between the Alyth road and the Cupar Angus-Forfar road were impassable due to the lake formed by the River Isla. Going out on the back roads, many resembled a trials section up a burn bed, with running water and twice I encountered motorists with hydrauliced engines. The Duke coped well, even though I should have lowered the gearing! ;¬) Stopped for soup, roll, fruit scone, butter and plum jam at The Peel, Lintrathen and then carried on out to Kirrie. Home, against the setting sun, via Newtyle, Wolfhill and then the Bridgend bottleneck. Sooner they get that 3rd bridge over the Tay up and running the better. The hassle of getting in and out of the Scone dormitory is nuts. Monday was the wash down day! Yodel managed not to deliver two cans of Bulldog BDS, whilst the van was parked outside our entrance on Saturday and we were in the house. No card left and no contact from Yodel, so picked up from the depot today. Driver had logged an "Address problem"! Aye,cannae be a**** to crawl out of the van! Good health, Myreside

    1. Hi Bill, so you are in favour of the new bridge?, I fear it will just move the chaos elsewhere, the housebuilding in Scone and surrounding areas is the issue in my opinion (and traffic lights) Sounds like you had a braw run, Hooray for motorbikes! You will not be disappointed with the BDX!


    2. Aye Gino, we await the "filling in" between East and West Huntingtower, as far up as the Broxden and the "filling in" from Tarry Row to the Huntingtower hotel across the flood plain. There are also the new developments going in at Stanley, both out the back to the northeast and on the "Loopy corner" as you go in from Luncarty. Have a wee look on the PKC "25 year plan" map. These are not my first tins of BDX and it has proved very effective at slackening seized components and used as a "top up" lubricant between cleaning and oiling the Ducati chain. Whilst it is the main lubricant for the "O" ring chains on the Jap bikes. Bit dreek until Sunday, so time to prepare for another canter. Good health to you both, Myreside