Sunday, 17 October 2021

Wee Smokey Classic meeting

 Eric Buick once again organised a fine Classic meeting today, despite the dreich weather in Perth this morning it did clear up a bit at Arbroath, I left with a very clean Guzzi T3 and came home with a dirty one. Eric also kindly organised a local farmer to spread mud around the roads in the immediate vicinity of the meeting thus securing his sponsorship with a well known bike cleaning product range. Big Guzzi turnout and Triumph T160's as well, I think I counted three, also the Panther Owner Club guys were there and even brought along their own meeting place in the shape of a huge Sidecar, the mighty Tay Valley Norton club were also well represented member wise but not so many on Nortons today (me included)  Dave brought not one but two Ner-a-Car's (his pal rode one, maybe not his pal now!) Bringing out a rare 1923 motorcycle on a crap day deserves kudos. The theme this time was 2 strokes so they were well represented, bizarrely , there were a handful of Tomos mopeds, maybe since C90's are getting stupid money this is the next big thing? Joking aside a great day out at dare I say it near the end of the season, brilliant turnout with some very nice bikes and many of them ridden a fair distance, well done to all, great to meet up with everyone and apologies if I didn't manage to get a decent chat with you all, I can bore you some other time. 

Panther, very nice
David T's well used Ducati 
Mr Mumford rode his CBX along 
T160 owner looking for a pal
Laverda SF 750, 
Rare to see these nowadays, Guzzi's 8 valve Centauro
Ner-a-Car 1 
Two stroke heaven
Ner-a-car 2 
Excelsior oil burner
And voted the bike the judges would like to take home, so would I if I could afford the petrol
Tidy BSA
T160 a popular choice
Panther and their meeting place attached, disco starts Friday at 7pm sharp
Eric and John looking official
Two stroke heaven again but not a clue
BMW and Guzzi leaking oil together
And phils JPN painted Commando
the only AJS, very unusual to see only one
T160 and CBX, 9 cylinders between them, thats enough for 4 Norton twins and a single


  1. Gino, Fiona great to see you both today, as always. Malcolm also enjoyed his live chat with you and I'm sure if you get back stateside you'd always be welcome. I was surprised and excited to see good turnout in an awful day. Commendations to the two Dave's. Dave from NOC and Davie from Cumnock from the Guzzi club also Norrie from Lossiemouth - like yourselves distance never seems to be any object. Also it is not true that I have contract with local farmers - I arranged it for you and Fiona because I've heard about your fabulous trials riding skills. Great pics BTW. and thanks for your unstinting support, never got to speak to brother John and Lesley, as you know difficult getting round everyone. see you soon I'm sure. Eric

    1. Hi Eric, always a pleasure to come to the meeting, great day oot and braw tae see everybody. Top marks tae the guys who did the distance and in fact to everyone who had to home soggy and wi a bike to clean. Thanks for the mud, we have missed it. Brother John enjoyed the day, it’s impossible to catch everyone

      Gino & Fiona

  2. Wow, the Honda CBX and the Kawasaki 750 triple brought back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing!

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