Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scottish Motorcycle show

As always the show was a bit disappointing stand wise but a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, you do feel at times you are just paying the entry fee to talk! Some nice bikes in the Classic hall although I thought the private entries were thin on the ground compared to other years. Some of the club stands though featured some great restorations. I did wonder at the California Highway patrol contingent though complete with uniforms and hopefully imitation guns, more suited to a swinger session than a bike show methinks. Freddie Spencer former World champion 500 & 250 GP title holder was guest of honour but I missed all his Q&A sessions. Not sure what the answer is but MCN need to have a good look at the format , most people I know only go to meet up with friends, there seems to be less to look at every year and sorry to say the brollie dollies aren't even that appealing any more (maybe an age thing.....) BMW were noticeable by their absence, maybe they knew we'd be there! Great to catch up with an old pal from a former life Niall MacKenzie, former GP & World Superbike rider and all round good guy, now commentating at the Moto GP's and teaching fat guys in leathers how to ride bikes round racetracks. I was also lucky enough to have a blether to John McGuiness, Isle of Man TT hero with 20 wins to his credit, BSB rider and nice guy.
This is what the AA used in the 70's, wonder how many times it broke down?
Former GP & Superbike hero Niall MacKenzie,  & TT Hero John McGuiness asking how I keep my hair so nice....
Malky McCarron, eat your heart out
Wicked 750 2 stroke Kawasaki
Edinburgh NOC stand
Nigel Patch's nice Inter
Bob McKracken eat your heart out, I still remember Roy Anderson racing one of these spectacularly back in the day
Gas lights, no lights, no difference!
I Want one......
Pretty pretty
Not all Guzzi's are V twins....
Russell's convert (Automatic) do I really want one......?
Suzuki Kettle, better than new
The original XT!!
Stunning workmanship on this special
And finally a tribute to a great Scottish rider Dennis Gallagher who died last year, 76 years old and still winning races!! not many of him in a pound!!!

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  1. Nice Zed, or it would be if it was clean :-), kiddon Z1A......on an R plate its a Z900 or Z1000. Yes lovely, nearly as clean as the bloke between MacKenzie and McGuiness. Aye also remember the CBX getting the berries at Knockhill , happy days, very nice photo's of real nice bikes.