Monday, 3 March 2014

All Roads lead to the Moon ....The Roads

After last weeks very successful talks on our recent trip, Perth Motorcycles on Thursday night and Glamis, Strathmore Vintage club Friday night we decided to upload the short video which is part of the talk onto you tube. We hope you enjoy it and thanks to the public for the impressive turn out for last weeks talks.
As always your comments and feedback are appreciated, see you on the road....somewhere.


  1. Good to see the roads. I was a little late arriving back on Thursday so I missed at least half of that. Sorry
    GREAT talk you and Fiona gave.

  2. Hi Dave, glad you enjoyed it, we could have done with more time as always but we were happy with the feedback

  3. Yeah!!!! Love it. I am waiting for the "best supporting actor award".
    I think about your trip all the time.

    Kevin, Connor and Carol