Friday 27 January 2023

Cheeky midweek skive

 The weather has been good this week (for January in the normally frozen North) So I took a wee break from the garage to get out on the bike, Sun was shining and the world looked pretty good in my eyes, all was well!

It has been freezing though (normal in winter in Scotland) and I don't think its about co2 emissions, cows farting or any of the other nonsense being bandied around by the newspapers, politicians or eco idiots, it is what is is! I have been watching Youtube on the days when its been too cold to put the heating on in the garage, have you seen the price of electricity? That stuff that would be almost free when they stopped desecrating our landscape (and seas) with the giant behemoths that litter our favourite views, funny it isn't cheap at all and the only people that are making money are the electric companies and the CEO's that rule over us plus the politicians on all sides who are comfortable on their jobs in easy street! Actually this wasn't meant to be a rant, sorry.

A youtube rant instead, whist I enjoy some stuff on U Tube I cant help but feel many of the "World" travelers or even people who are going to Comrie for a Chippy can't do it without a plethora of cameras getting every road angle audio devices to capture whatever nonsense that is coming out of their mouth, to be fair I really enjoy some content but I do feel that being a youtuber isn't a Job and posting all the time just to get views (and I assume money) leads to crap content from people you wouldn't want to have a pint with. Spoiler alert, I post stuff so I can remember where I've been and for the entertainment or otherwise of my friends not so I can make money or become famous. I think a lot of people have lost the enjoyment of just getting out on their bike for a run.

Anyway, like subscribe and comment because it really helps the channel (Joke, dinnae bother)    

See you all on the road, give me a wave!

Chasing shadows?
The Sma Glen looking braw
Motorbike picture
Rumbling bridge, very impressive, I should have video'd it and put it on Youtube :-) 
Bike at rest in the trees!

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