Sunday, 27 October 2019

Stunning weekend

So this weekend marks the start of the long dark nights and even more crap weather than usual but it was also sunny and there's no better place to ride the small roads at this time of year than Scotland (OK the South of France or Spain....or Italy......or anywhere its bloody warmer) but we have the most wonderful colours on display, the tourists have pissed off back to where they came from and the Motorhomes are mainly packed away so there is a short window of opportunity to enjoy the bliss of quiet roads. I think the salt is already down as there was some salt on the bikes but not enough of that rust inducing, brake seizing stuff that the local council seems to love lathering on the roads in winter.
Saturday cooking at the roadside, very satisfying, Sunday a bacon roll at Tullybannocher and a wobble on the very small roads, it was cold though, bloody cold, heated jackets are a lifesaver!
A stop by the burn (stream) 
Cold, this is before Fi's heated jacket stopped working
Masterchef at work
Stunning colours (and the trees aint bad either)
Cold enough for the full balaclava
through the tunnel of trees


  1. Aye Gino, good to see that you were out today as well. After yesterdays canter on the Duke (oil leak and carburation iffy!) and another fix of rugby this morning the Bros and Mono came out for a canter. After making a death defying suicide run through Perth where the myopic SUV, wannabe club were out in force and I was nearly carted 4 times between the end of Crieff Road and the Bridgend traffic lights! :¬( Made Kinnoul Hill, St.Madoes, Errol etc to the Tay Bridge Cafe. Black pudding/mustard rolls and Bovril went down a treat and we then returned via The Gauldry etc. Cracking day as you say and what are these heated jacket things? I don't think our electrickery systems would take the added load. Slainte, Myreside.

  2. Aye Bill, Sunday is not a good day for the airheads that motor around the shire, you need eyes in the back of your head!The heated jackets transform winter riding, makes it a pleasure and means you don't have to dress like the Michelin man. Pretty sure your bikes would cope, I can run them on the Guzzi's and Nortons but probably not with the lights on at the same time.