Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Euro trip - Last part

Always good to start or end a trip at the Begonia rally which is run by the Flanders NOC, its a British bike rally really but over the years most of the participants have become good friends and its always a pleasure to spend time with them all and of course drink a beer or two, well it is Belgium so it would be rude not to. The weather was outstanding as was the organisation and it was an excellent way to finish our holiday, the pictures tell the tale better than I can, many thanks to all our friends who made it a great weekend. We bumped into a French couple waiting for the ferry who were from Dijon, Gerald and Isabelle, first time in Scotland and first time riding on our side of the road so we accompanied them part of the way, that's the great thing about motorcycling, you constantly make new friends, an uneventful but busy ride back to Perth and thats it all over for a while again, bikes were excellent and the Triumph was better than I thought it would be, a good choice methinks, around 60mpg, good power, comfortable, brakes that work even in the wet, the only change I've made since is progressive fork springs, an easy and cheap fix for the soggy front end!

The campsite
Love the numberplate
Nice but no thanks
Myself and the Belgians also Benoit from France
More camp photos
The Legendary Essex mob, many are octogenarians and still going strong, an inspiration
Eddie laughing as always
Dutch guys having their own party
Stare off!
Peter and Tom arguing over who sleeps with the green lady tonight
Much nonsense being talked
Less nonsense being talked 
Ferry time
Our new French friends

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