Thursday, 5 January 2017

MVD stripped

The main job this week apart from heralding in 2017 was to strip and hopefully start putting my old Norton Commando back together, the stripping was the easy part but I realise now it'll take a bit longer to rebuild. Parts have to be cleaned (amazing how much hidden grime can accumulate in the 44 years since it left the factory and the 36 years I've owned it) Although I've had the engine & gearbox out several times this is the first time its been down to the frame. I now realise even more parts will have to be renewed so I'll be playing my part in helping keep the British bike spare parts industry afloat. This bike has helped me tour tens of thousands of miles all over the UK and Europe, it was my commuter bike back in the days when I was racing and couldn't afford to run my old Transit van to work and college and I even raced (and crashed) it at Beveridge park in 85 (I think) after my race bike blew up so it deserves some Tender Loving Care (TLC). I had an ambitious plan of timescales but am beginning to realise it might be too ambitious. Life has to go on, miles have to be ridden, other bikes maintained, camping done etc so the best I'll say is that it should be ready for the Summer. I made this short timelapse movie of the stripdown which I hope you enjoy.



  1. Aye Gino,
    Good health for 2017 to Fi and yursel'.
    Snap! I have a an SRX now in the same state as well as the Dukes! ;¬) Would be nice to finish this year. ;¬) Cuppa and the craic if your passing and we are about.
    Bill and Kat.