Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to off road

I finished off the holidays by organising powder coating of some parts from MVD that are salvageable and ordering new parts that aren't. Just the wait now before the rebuild commences! Meanwhile after an absence of about 20 months we made a return to Drumcarrow in Fife for some much needed practice on the trials bikes. The little we learn't the last period we were trialling has obviously been well forgotten so it was a day on the nursery slopes for us practicing easy (should be easy but aren't) manoeuvres , Fi's mum and dad came along for a visit so Dan took some photos and its thanks to him for the ones here. A braw day oot riding bikes, blethering and meeting folk, canny whack it. I was a bit concerned about the bikes as I had some difficulty getting them going yesterday and ended up stripping Fi's carb from her bike before realising that I probably didn't have the petrol on!! Much swearing but I'm glad to say they both ran fine today. Just as we were finishing Fi was determined to do a "wheelie" I tried to coach her but she misunderstood when I said open it up and she managed to flip it completely, no harm done , just sorry I didn't film it as it was spectacular. After a day of exertion a well deserved chippy in Queensferry was a fine end to the day.

Fi Concentrating
Me trying to concentrate
Tea break (very necessary)
Fi looking for a difficult bit
And again
Me looking for a rest
Nice view to enjoy oor chippy
New bridge taking shape

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