Sunday, 15 March 2015

Productive weekend

A weekend with nothing to do as far as "must do time-scales" so that meant some catching up with garage type work. First fix the pick up after I reversed it into a parking meter on Friday, luckily just the rear light cluster needed replaced, easy job and not the nightmare I'd imagined. Next onto the T3 Guzzi, rear brake siezed so a clean out and new pads made the brakes 100% again, the front forks were binding so a realignment of the front end sorted that, the side panels needed fixed, sorted! and the gear change was in need of attention, a new thread re cut helped the adjustment and after blowing up the tyres I had a bike ready for a run. A short shakedown run to Queensferry and I was very pleased with the outcome. There was a slight tail off in power at one point but I suspect paint debris in the tank after a careless paint job, nothing major!
Today a run down to East fortune airfield for Brunch with the troops, a hastily arranged meeting by Laurenne and Bert led to six of us turning up, temperatures just above freezing I guess, damned cold but on the Beemer so heated jacket and grips saved the day. Finally back to do some work on the Mk3 Commando, primary side checked and inspected and not to shabby, the alternator grommet needs replaced but as I got to that part, tiredness, cold and crabbitness set in so its abandoned to one night through the week, always better to walk away rather than bugger something up. A braw weekend! Thought I'd take some photos at the airfield in B&W to give it that WW2 feel!

The T3 on its inaugural voyage posing next to the iconic rail bridge
Nice plane
Fi still smiling!
Atmospheric shot
And again
Laurenne's 64 BMW looking all dark and moody
Especially for Chris from Denver
Norton Chaincase, last time I saw this was at the side of the road in Germany.....


  1. The Phantom is one of my favorite jets .
    I feel the need to go to East Fortune myself now .

  2. Any Sunday around 12, trying to get a wee meet going there Brian