Sunday, 29 March 2015

Clocks forward so it must be Summer

So today its official, British Summer time although as usual nobody told the weather! A bit of a wet start to the weekend but then Saturday turned out ok, better than ok actually, sidecar maestro Kenny Mclennan put us though our paces on his sidecar. First time in all my years I've ridden one, not so much ridden as it felt more like sailing, great fun though so much so provided I can get Insurance sorted out this week we've decided to buy Kenny's other outfit that was for sale. Plan is to do the Elephant Rally in January so snow tyres and chains will be a must, although I hate the cold this is a bit of a challenge so why not, never done that before so it has to be done. I could of course save money and stay warm by sitting in front of the fire watching shite on TV but where's the fun in that?
We both really enjoyed the experience and drove home to Embra with a big stupid grin on our faces, looking forward to more!
Today, the first day of summer saw us at the Norton meeting in Comrie, good turnout despite the cold and wet with a appearance by the Wormit boys with some tasty Commando's, some new faces as well so that was great. I turned up on the BMW as none of my Nortons are tested yet this year (hangs head in shame) but I hope to sort this soon.

Fi Piloting while Kenny shouts instructions
Nice turnout of Nortons
Angus Nicol's Velocette
Nice Dommi
One of Mr Bloy's fleet of singles
My brother John telling tall tales (nice jacket)
Smokey Joe, David T's trusty (well sometimes trusty) steed
Well this could be the future! 


  1. Must have managed to pick up good vibes from everyone at the meet yesterday, refresher went pretty well today .... had a fine buzz about on a wee Yam!

  2. Hi Lesley, glad to hear it went well, john better watch the keys to the cur!

  3. Side car? Gino? So is the rig that you take to the Isle of Man after 40.......41.......42.......:)
    Sure looks like fun
    Take care Kevin

    1. It's specifically for a winter rally in Germany, not ready for the pipe and tweeds just yet. Always good to experience other forms of motorcycling :-)