Friday, 1 November 2013

The Bahamas

We left our hotel and headed with another grumpy taxi driver to the port of Miami, not sure why but all the drivers we've had have been incredibly rude and grumpy one was falling asleep and the rest spent most of the trip talking on their mobile phones! We arrived at our ship to be greeted by the baggage handler who promptly asked for a tip, now to be honest I’m getting really fed up of the tip system here, just do your job man and the employers should pay a working wage and not expect the public to ensure the well being of their employees.
The queue and treatment getting on the ship was much the same as an airport much to my surprise and dismay. One of our two bottles of water were confiscated as the seal was broken, I now need to do some research on the dangers of opened bottles of water, obviously not enough to drown somebody or even enough to assault somebody in need of a good wash so these guys must know some sinister side to water. Now we all know its about the cruise companies ripping you off so why can't they just be honest about it.
On board I was impressed with the cabin, not so impressed at having to live with another 2000 people in close proximity, Christ get me back on my bike and get my tent back! The first surprise was the bar, expensive yes but also every transaction has 15% auto gratuity added, now i was really pissed off especially as the bar staff although pleasant are not efficient, matter of fact I found the whole experience to be like that, queuing for restaurant which is half empty, several waiters hanging around being ever so pleasant but taking an age to get your drink and food order and then the food (which is excellent) seems to take an age also. Judy at the Applecross Inn would have a fit!
We decided to go for the all inclusive drinks package being Scottish and partly alcoholic (which had a 15% gratuity added to the advertised price grrr), then we found out at the end of a very messy evening which culminated in us dancing to rave music in the nightclub that when we asked for a bottle of water to take to our room that wasn't included in the drinks package. The other treat in the drinks package is that you have to wear a red wristband which marks you out as an alcoholic to your fellow passengers, of course its also easy to spot your like minded friends so thats a plus side.
I also have to say that there are some very talented artistes also which along with the whisky numbs the physiological pain. An interesting but very different week for us then, enjoyed the chill out and sunshine but cruising isn't for me, I can see the appeal but the crazy gratuity system annoys me, we also get charged $12 each a day for gratuities as well. Gratuities given for good service I understand, this system is simply a tax and I hate it. Moaning over, I'm sure if you like mixing with 2000 people in a confined space being fed meals non stop then I can understand the appeal. We just spent the last year with only ourselves to talk sometimes meeting interesting like minded people, my thoughts on the road ahead, the never ending road of tarmac, concrete or gravel, I'm going to be glad to get back to that but not this. I did say to Fiona I was going to tie myself to my bike with an extending dog lead when I get back because I never want to be that far from my bike again! Still not ready to come home so some more exploring in a hire car first, watch this space!
Our Hotel in Miami, noisy but nice
Our room on the ship, bigger than the usual cabins we get on ferries!
A bit posher than DFDS
We are sailing, we are sailing, home again (not) , across the sea 
Its Party time, but not for us, we dissaprove of this behaviour
Norwegian Cruise lines private island
Our boat!
Another passport stamp
Street scene
British Colonial scene
I thought this was hillarious, imagine being charged with "loafing"
White pith helmet in keeping with Colonial rules
Another Church for my sisters collection
The Hilton, well posh
The Lucy pink Dolphin enjoying its stay in the Bahamas 
Fi Swimming with the fishes
Us paddling with the fishes
Parking lot for cruise boats
Dinner on the poop deck, actually the spew deck as I saw guys cleaning it up the next morning and no it wisnae me!


  1. Photos look fab, but just not really you guys is it?! Glad "pinky" the dolphin had a good time tho. Showed Lucy the pic earlier and she comes out with " I wonder if they've made up any new games since they left us"!! Hope you get in a few more bottles of the famous flat tyre beer before you come back. love to you both....The Martins. Xxx

  2. Haha. Yes lots of new games stocked up for Christmas. Need to get that fridge stocked up as well. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Xxxxx

  3. Hi Baith,
    Guid tae hear ye frae Miami,heard every word fur a change.
    Yiv saved me a fortune; cancelled order fur BMW; Cancelled Cruise;Cancelled new stove;Nae campin' near N.Y.
    BUT yiv met some awesome folk;had some awesome hospitality,seen some awesome sichts...whits no tae like...
    Catch up when ye get hame.


    1. Aye Geordie
      Aye fine tae get yir patter. Gled we could be o service. We're no expecting the BMW sponsorship noo fir the next ane or the free cruise, nae worries we're no missin much.
      Aye its been brilliant, everybody should dae it every 2 years!!!!
      Lookin forward tae a blether
      Gino & Fiona