Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hanging around in South Florida

We escaped the ship on Friday morning, disembarkation wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and got the shuttle bus to Miami Airport to pick up our hire car. We were met with indifferent service from the counter staff at Dollar / Thrifty and directed to the floor below to pick up our car. We were met with a scene of complete chaos, the system wasn't clear if there was a system and we had to wait 1 1/2 hours to get our car. Now that's bad enough for us young (no comments) fit healthy people but there were many older and not so fit people also hanging around for that length of time. A shambles so my advice is NEVER hire a car from those people especially from Miami airport.
We headed South on US 1 a road with more traffic lights than cars and after a couple of agonising hours left the conurbation of Miami & Florida City. Now I never thought I'd say this but I'm so glad we weren't on the bikes, scorching temperatures and stop go driving for 2 hours, biking hell.
We stayed half way along the Keys at Marathon, the keys is in fact a collection of islands linked by a massive amount of bridges and causeways which extend the South of Florida for 100 miles, impressive engineering but I wouldn't bother going there, I can show you pictures and save you the time.
Saturday we headed for the Everglades National park, the wetlands and home to around one million alligators. This is a very impressive eco system with much to see for anybody interested in Nature. Great once again to see animals in the wild rather than being treated badly in theme parks. So one thing I'd recommend in Florida is this park, the rest I wouldn't bother but then again that's me and I am biased towards interesting motorcycling roads and nature.
A day on Sunday spent taking an airboat ride in the everglades was interesting, I'd have liked to have driven one as it seemed great fun but would rather practice outwith the Alligator infested area first.
Hopefully not sounding too grumpy here, we are enjoying the weather and hanging it out for a bit yet before deciding on our re entry to society!.
Key Largo
7 mile bridge just past Marathon. Many car chase sequences are filmed here
Long Long bridge although not as impressive as the 17 mile long one further North
See you later Alligator
Fi enticing the Gator with lunch, there is a small fence to protect the stupid humans but the gator just has to go 50 metres along to get round it
I thought they looked like almost human hands, needs its nails cut though
The water is teeming with fish
Which means this guy stays well fed
Sunbathing, amazing to see so many of these all over the place
Moving for another feed
Look at the teeth, scary!!
This one was swimming away from us thankfully
Typical scene in the Everglades
Fellow tourists in a similar airboat to ours
The Captain was feeding the birds, pretty sure they feed the gators as well
Mair fish
This one is called Blackie seemingly and thats his missus you can see just behind him


  1. welcome home guys! I hope that our paths cross again. Now you need to start the trip prep for the next one, so I have a reason to look at computer every night.
    your friends

  2. Hi Gino and Fi well done with your epic journey .was going to say your cruise would be good to get your feet of the pegs . Needless to say it was the wrong type o cruisin for you . Well done again an happy bithday Fi xx dad

  3. Hey Guys, glad to hear you got home safe and sound, pity about the cold, you'll get used to it again. Thank you Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life as you've travel and lived over the last months or so. You both have been and inspiration and its been a real pleasure reading your blog, I will miss it. Now I need to get of my ass and get the bike organised, and start my own journey. Again thank you both. God bless and be safe where ever you are Reint and Mary

  4. Reint, Mary
    Glad you enjoyed the trip, keep in touch and let me know when you hit the road. Needing somebody else to follow no our trips over...for now anyway
    Gino & Fiona