Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bad start, good finish

So this morning after filling up with petrol a mile from my house the fancy new BMW wouldn't start, Fiona's did but mine refused. A bit of swearing and a call to the BMW helpline had me feeling a bit better, they would dispatch a technician to save me as soon as possible, I did say I could go home and get my Norton which does go! If I'd wanted a bike that didn't start I'd have got a CBR1000 Honda (oops, sorry Bob) actually I have a garage full of temperamental bikes I don't need another. (I'm not touching it as its still under warranty) Fiona nipped back to the house for the car and jump leads just in case. As she arrived back I got a text saying the "Technician" would be with me in 45 minutes, impressed! I stabbed at the button again and yes it started!! A quick call back to call off the Calvary and then we were out for a right good day wobbling around the small roads in the Borders, no more problems with the bike but I am going to speak to the shop to get them to check it over.


  1. You know, I've been thinking about asking how you two like your new bikes. It'll be interesting to see what the techs come up with. Once in a while I start to think I should get a modern bike, and the idea of a smaller bike capable of some touring and commuting seems appealing.

  2. Larry, they are brilliant, excellent for the small roads and great miles to the gallon, not sure though about long motorway trips though I think they would be a bit wheezy, to be honest the power and performance is very like a Commando, same "safe" cruising speed 70 - 75 MPH not as much torque and it would never replace my big twins but as a get on , press the button and go bike its fantastic!

  3. 75 mpg sounds very nice, and cruising at that speed would do. The shop I worked at in my youth has become one of the biggest BMW dealers in California. Maybe in a year or so I might pay them a visit. There are lots of day trips I could do on that bike, and weekend camping trips I could do as well here. Save the longer trips for my Kawa 1000.