Saturday 18 February 2012

Anti Motorcycle behaviour

Out today for a potter about on the bikes and eventually pulled into a petrol station, opened the petrol cap on the bikes, put the nozzle in the tank and then a voice blared something unintelligible over the tannoy, the Bearded Asian pump jockey then looked at us out of the window making a sign which at first I though was a passable monkey imitation, then realised he wanted us to take our helmets off before he turned the pump on. I immediatley thought F*ck you, closed the petrol cap and left without petrol, there's plenty more gas stations in Edinburgh that aren't bike racist!!
Now just to go over what was on my mind whilst I rode away, first he had a beard which meant only his eyes were visible, just like me with a full face helmet on, the irony!! Then I thought I wonder if his wife was amongst the growing number of Burka wearers in the country? Nobody tells them to take their head scarves off when they go for petrol, or even when they board a plane so why should I take my helmet off?
So if you need petrol don't stop at the Esso station on the old Dalkeith road, you might need some ID before they serve you (preferably translated into Urdu no doubt!!) Luckily I've calmed down so this post isn't as offensive as it might be!!!

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