Sunday, 1 August 2010

National Retardation day

Out for a run today when the rain started coming down like stair rods, before that I noticed a higher than normal proportion of very poor driving and after the rain started it just got worse! I have come up with a theory to explain why these car drivers behave like they suffer from retardation, the reason they follow each other at 20mph in the rain constantly braking for no reason whilst the poor motorcyclist gets wetter and colder by the minute. After work on a Friday the majority of the Public switch off, they relax and so does their brain, they watch mindless TV and /or get hopelessly drunk which further impairs their brain function. When they go out in the car at the weekend its invariably to trudge trance like around the supermarket, Ikea, B&Q or some other place of consumer worship. Therefore their brain possibly only functions at 5 - 10% of its normal capacity, remembering that 100% of brain function for these people isn't that good anyway you can see why its so dangerous and frustrating for us motorcyclists out there, and remember if they are towing a caravan or driving a motorhome the danger is compounded, so be careful out there, especially on retardation day which come to think about it is every time you take to the road!

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