Monday, 9 August 2010


We finally arrived on Saturday in the dry I'm glad to say, the mist over the top of the Bealach was heavy so visibility was down to about 50 yards for a couple of miles but then as always the welcome sight of Applecross bay opened out in front of us. The campsite despite major work done over the Spring on the road and the drainage was showing signs of wear, obviously its been wet here for a while and mindless people churn up the grass. I found out later in the pub that Saturday was the first dry day for a month! It was sunny and it was fine to sit outside and relax in the best vista in the world. Even the dreaded midges had taken a holiday so it really was quite pleasant. I developed a cold and was feeling quite miserable on the Sunday but a dry run back down the road helped cheer me up, the traffic wasn't too bad which was also a bonus. An observation, the highlands do not appear to be as busy as they were last year, conversations with several locals seem to confirm this, is it the recession or the weather? Or is it the end of the recession so the stay at home holidaymakers have gone abroad again in search of sun, the strengthening Euro perhaps? It would be interesting to see some figures on the Exchange rate and the number of tourists visiting Scotland.
Great weekend and now looking forward to (a) getting over the cold (although I do think it might be man flu) and (b) warmer sunnier weather!

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