Friday, 27 November 2009

The world is mad!

Well the weather here in Scotland this week (and most of Europe I think) has been terrible, extreme rain and winds have caused havoc with peoples lifes, flooding and landslides which is quite depressing. Those motorcyclists amongst you will probably be like me, satisfying their two wheel fix by working in the garage all the time praying for an early return to Spring. The next two month's are the hardest but just think in four weeks we have (in the UK) the shortest day so after that the nights get longer and just as naturally as Autumn ended, Summer will return. The sun is out today though and that lifts the spirits, so get out there and spend at least 15 minutes staring at it or if you don't want to go blind turn your back on it and feel the heat! Just back from the shops, if there is a recession then someone hasn't told the shoppers, already I can see the Christmas frenzy around, complete madness, I wish I was famous enough to get the shops to open only for me so I didn't have to navigate my way past hordes of people not sure what they're shopping for! idiots!

I found this photo yesterday (rainy day = boredom!) which I thought I would share with you, just to prove my moustache was Black a while ago! Taken in the Hotel bar in the Isle of Man in 1987 with my mechanic John Thomson (also sporting a zappa like moustache) and Norrie Pattie. Just noticed John holding my First Isle of Man replica so I assume we had just come back from the prizegiving (Geoff Duke was handing out the trophies that day, an honour indeed!) If you look at the collage of photo's behind me you can spot one of me leaping Ballaugh Bridge and one of me on Crutches (and with a mega hangover) at Beveridge Park road races in Scotland. Happy days indeed but god knows how my liver survived!! (Thanks to Lindsay Barrie who seemed to be around to take most of these compromising photo's at the time!!)