Monday, 23 November 2009

Norton End of Season Party

This year we moved to Killin in the Perthshire hills for our end of season meeting. The weather was warmer than last year but the rain and wind made up for it. It wasn't so much like rain but more like someone pouring water out of a bucket for most of the journey. The people who took their bikes were suitably soaked and although my waterproofs kept out the dampness on the day by the next morning it was unpleasant pulling on very cold and damp clothes. The biggest challenge was navigating through the small rivers running down the road. Well worth the effort though, the Sunday was just as wet and a fair bit colder!
I cannot recommend the Killin Hotel highly enough, superb food and service and all at a reasonable price, the early start took its toll though and there were some early casualties, the pictures tell the story better!

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