Tuesday 21 May 2024

Strontian Norton weekend

This year the weekend has reverted back to May, mostly to try to avoid the Midges which have often been a complete damper on the weekend. Obviously when the earth was created the powers that were in charge (or indeed nature) figured you cant have all this scenery without a downside, that downside was the dreaded Midge. In Alaska they have proper mozzies the size of small bird which are also a right nuisance, in the west of Canada and America they have the black fly which as far as I could tell were a very close relative to the Midge, I also heard them called "Noseeum" which is the same as the Midge but when there's hundred of them you can SEE UM and FEEL UM!

Anyway a posse of five set of around 1 on Friday, Fi and I Norton mounted , Alex on his Guzzi ,Budge on his Airhead and Johny T on his Triumph Tiger. There is no point in moaning about the Motorhomes and Caravans and blind and ignorant tourists in Cars, just take it as a given, they were there as well as some BMW adventure riders who couldn't bear to see older bikes ahead of them and who had to overtake and who can't ride round corners, they were also there. Despite that we had a nice run through Crieff, Lochearn, Tyndrum and Glencoe  stopping at the petrol station at Onich where I'm glad to say they have E5.

There is not a mortgage advisor on site so you have to organise a bank loan to pay for it before you get there. Its funny (Not funny ha ha but funny strange) that the western world put an extract from grain grown in field into petrol which means grain prices go up worldwide, people starve (and potentially come to Europe as economic migrants) AND our petrol is now shite and very expensive, remember ethanol free petrol was the norm till quite recently but now we pay a premium for 5% ethanol, marketed as "super fuel"  

Anyhow we got the ferry and had a nice run to the campsite at Strontian where we set up tent, some Nortons were already there and some well kent faces so after a blether and a cuppa in the sun (at this point Midge free) we headed to the pub, the evening  consisted of nonsense being talked and strong drink been taken, the following morning we all agreed we had taken a bit too much. Everybody done their own thing on Saturday with some going out for a run, Budge had his bag to bag a few scotia points and some of us went for a walk. Saturday was much more restrained in the evening thankfully.

Sunday arrived with a welcoming ceremony from the previous dormant midges eager to show off their blood sucking skills, we were all packed up and eventually away by just after 8AM thanks to them really. Phil had left earlier but was still waiting in the queue for the ferry as the welders were fixing the gangplank before anybody could go anywhere. The welders were there all day waiting for a quiet bit in the queues so they could carry on fixing in between sailings, it was sunny and they were on double time so they seemed happy.

A good run down the road and breakfast at Tullybannocher before getting home at 12, time to dry out the gear and reflect on a braw weekend.




John and his Tiger, still has PTSD after his commando ownership in the 80s
and of course Alex
Fiona and me (Thanks to Budge the photographer) 
Ferry time, all present and correct
ferry time
Still waiting
en route
en route to the pub
Tide oot
Bert and Laurenne arrived
happy girls
Serious talking
Happy couple, thanks to Phil the photographer
Serious faces
Looking braw
Sun setting
Budge and Richard
commando corner
Phil was doing some repairs
a local appeared on this for his papers, pedal driven
We moved to a quieter spot
old machinery
Ewan on his Guzzi
braw scenery
Robert from Inverness was on his Commando
Alan's nice mk3
David with Smokey Joe
Saturday night meal

Sun setting
enjoying the last rays
waiting for the ferry
The welders
And back to the mainland


  1. I love your reports where even the welders get a mention and a photo, a great weekend and great company.

  2. Nice as always, the bike pics!
    No you Gino.
    Thanks Gino/Fiona - always entertaining.
    Wee Ecky fae Aberbrothock.

    1. Thanks Eric, so I assume my modelling career is over 😆