Tuesday 28 March 2023

Guzzi Dinner

 I suppose it's always hopeful having a meeting before the end of March but you never know what the weather will bring. Just under 30 people arrived to our selected eaterie at Bo'ness, we were well looked after and as always it was good to catch up. Alan appeared on his new V100 in red (The bike, not Alan) he seemed pretty impressed with it, his remark was that it was much more like the Jap bikes he owned years ago, not sure if that's a good thing or not. I'm pretty sure they will sell well and who knows eventually I may be tempted but for now air cooled twins are fine! One comment I have is that it seemed small in a good way, the fad for more and more massive bemoth's is lost on me I'm afraid.

We both were on the T3 as Fiona fancied a day off and it coped well as usual, even through the snow flurry through Glenfarg on the way home. The 650 BMW's are now off the road as it's time to get the V85's out, hopefully the salt will quickly disappear off the roads. We have our annual Huntygowks Norton meeting on Sunday so hopefully we will be Norton Mounted!

T3 ready to go
Other side
T3 again!
Derek looking enviously at the v100
Nice crowd
And only 5 bikes, it was cold mind you!

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