Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Tullybannocher Classic meeting

 Well what a turnout that was, fantastic to see so many people I haven't met for years and also those who I see regularly. What else can I say, old motorbikes bringing friends together ( and new ones as well)

I do despair sometimes about some "motorcyclists" I see sometimes, it appears some of the camaraderie has been lost but then again maybe it us longer term motorcyclists thats at fault, maybe we should make a bit more effort to speak to others rather just sticking to our circle of friends? But Sunday was braw with some outstanding bikes there as well as the bread and butter that makes up the bulk of the bikes, after all it wouldn't be much fun if only people with with coveted classics turned up (although we all covet our own bikes) 

Great day, great people and great fun, oh and the cafe did us proud! 

A very short video of the day (I was too busy talking)

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  1. Good to see you both again and as you say Gino there was a fabulous mix of bikes there. The cafe did extremely well considering the sudden invasion to which they were subjected. See you again soon I'm sure. Eric and Amy