Saturday, 11 June 2022

Small Euro trip

 We set of for a small Euro trip to visit our pals in various places (mostly Southern Ireland and Belgium) and to take in a couple of bike meetings, the trip for us started on the Wednesday lunchtime with a windy and showery trip to Stranraer to our B&B for the night where we were joined by Alex. A bite to eat and then an early night so we could get up for our 7.30am Ferry. Thursday dawned with a dull and very wet morning, always a must when getting on a ferry! 

We got deposited in Belfast and made our way to the border to pick up Mickey at Castlebellingham and to scrounge a wonderful brunch from his wife Pat, thanks Pat. It was still raining but stated to dry out as we made our way South to Nenagh about 30 KM away from Limerick to get our usual B&B there. A pleasant evening and a great breakfast thanks to our hostess Siobhan at the Abbey View (Recommended)  

Friday and we met up with Norman on his 961 Norton just outside Nenagh to all run down to Kilmac together. Martin Connachy does a great job of organising this weekend and all credit to him. A fantastic weekend catching up with all out friends and making new ones. Helen and her staff done us proud and seemed to work tirelessly all weekend keeping us all fed and watered, at the same time coping with a onslaught of other Tourists without a moan but always a smile all weekend.

We left Sunday and had a busy and windy run over the South of Ireland to Arthurstown for another B&B and were made welcome at the very busy local pub for our meal and a couple of pints of Guinness. Wet and windy on the Monday and only 50km to got to Rosslere to catch  our ferry, thanks to Brittany ferries for being late, and not ever giving is an update it was a long long day. We eventually boarded at 11.45 in the pissing rain (should have been 6.30) and after a couple of drams we crashed out for the night. The ships crew never apologised once and once again using this route we effectively lost a days holiday.

We were first off the ferry at 6.30 PM and cleared customs quickly but we weren't quick enough to make the campsite in Bayeux as it closed at 7PM but we manged to find a Hotel which was good and even managed to find somewhere to eat which was also good (The town was filled with American Tourists and we were told it might be difficult to find a restaurant)

The following day we rode to Honfluer and waited in the queue for the campsite to open but the maintenance guy saw us on bikes and let us in an hour early to pick a spot before the hordes of campervans to over. 

Thursday up to Escalles near Calais for a pleasant hotel stay and to pay 2.54 Euro for E10 at the gas station. The great thing is that the V85s have a brilliant fuel range but in this day and age every day petrol prices seem to go up!

Friday we arrived In Kortrick at Geerts and had a trip into town to see Peter and Tom at Den Bras, massive party was limbering up in Kortick over the next 5 days, pity we only saw the beginning. Friday night off to the BBA site to help the organisers get set up and a reasonable quiet night. Saturday we rode to the BBA and put our tents up, we met up with Guy and Anja who are regulars at the Scottish Guzzi rally, heavy rain was forecast and it started around 7pm, we retired just before 1am , the disco went on till 4am and then the thunder and lightening kept going until 9am. Its a shame after all the effort the guys and girls put in the crowds wasn't as big as expected but by the time we left at 2 there was a good few there which was great, certainly the rain never put a dampener on the party the night before. One thing I will say is that I was so happy to see younger people there, the future of motorcycling looks safe in Europe at least.

A night in Holland then the ferry to Newcastle concluded our trip, great times, great to see and meet old pals and new, bikes were brilliant, motorcycling is a fine way to travel!

Ready to go
en route down the west
Alex wet
Me wet
All wet
961 joined us for the day
Martins Vinnie
Peters Norton (Now Peter from Texas but he didn't ride it the whole way)
Well used Comet off for a run
Luik trying the velocette kicking thing
Jonathon and Peter over from the USA
Waiting for a small ferry
Spent a day here waiting for the time to pass (to catch a boat)
11pm, Fiona was getting bored
Making the dinner
Cold at night
Expensive petrol
BBA , Boonies bike
Eddies T3
This was the raffle prize
Taking the entry fee
Guy's Le Mans
More dear petrol
Newcastle and hame


  1. Looks like a great trip, although shame about the weather and the incompetence of the ferry co. You could have brought me that Knucklehead back……

    1. Cheers Jake, I wouldn't know a knuckehead from a dickhead, sorry

  2. Good report from what looks to have been a great trip.

  3. Welcome back you two, seems like you've had an interesting trip. Eclectic selection of bikes, great pics makes it feel like we were there with you. Smokey was not the same without our visiting rebel rousers, or should that be rabble rousers. See you soon I'm sure, Eric.

    1. Hi Eric, when's the next Smokey? Look forward to it wherever 😊

  4. Dunno Gino, waiting on the fish prices to stabilise 🤪
    Good to hear from you.