Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Blasts from the past

 I dug out a few photos from a bit before we had digital cameras, its funny looking back and every one of these old photos spark a memory of a person or normally just great times, remember when the snow was warm, salt never harmed your bike, rain was fun, camping a treat (it still is) politics was for complete tossers (it still is) Road tax and Mot's were an optional extra (who would have thought) it was ok to have a few beers with your mates without worrying if the gestapo would be waiting for you in the morning. A time when one tube of Solvol would last years (now it lasts weeks,) polishing was what you did when you were really bored! Men were men, women were women, the sheep were scared. Great to see more snow today, it really cheers me up....... Not!!!!!

George Martin and Tim Ryan have been sending me loads of old photos as well, with their permission I might post a few because its biking history and its worth sharing! Mind you I now appreciate the work involved in scanning photos!

Anyhoo, a wee bit more of a description on the photo's than normal, enjoy, keep safe and remember, the good times are coming.

Years ago we used to meet in a layby on a Sunday at Lochearnhead for a brew up, there was always a great group on older guys there with great stories and great bikes (at that time almost everybody was older :-)  ), I vividly remember the Ramsay brothers from Glasgow, both Vincent guys (as were many of the attendees) Willie and George I think, I remember one day they were all excited as they were heading to the South of France on a trip that week (they were all well into their 70's), Willie unfortunately never came back as he had a medical issue which then caused him to crash. George though was still a regular attendee, he lost a leg through Diabetes I think but then put a sidecar on his BMW and was still a regular. One day George was in a wheelchair and looked a bit worse for wear, scars and bruising on his face, eventually I asked him if he was ok? Aye, I wondered when you'd ask, I was riding up near Parkhead in Glasgow when the suspension unit on my BMW collapsed (it was a monolever) I shot across the road oot o control and crashed head on into a car, the guy got oot and fainted when he saw my artificial leg lying 50 yards up the road! What a character, he eventually lost the other leg but the last time I spoke to him he was trying to convince the DVLA to give him his licence back to get back on the sidecar, unfortunately he passed away (well in his 80's) and never got that final few years

Regular Vincent, not sure if this is John Stainton or Harry fae Fifes bike

Building the fire for a brew up ( before i started to dye my hair and moustache, note the old faithful in the background) 

Admiring what would have been quite a new Guzzi V50 at the time

John Thomson, Pinkie and me looking like I am in shock

This was a camping weekend which escapes my mind, what I do remember is Rab Dixon who was on the Ducati rarely camped, we got terribly merry that night and Rab was very sick and I think decided to head home after only one night! That was when my Guzzi was just a motorbike and not a Classic!!! whatever that means

Classic meeting at Amulree

Hectors Norton at Amulree

This was a BSA B25 Fleetstar I bought as a winter bike, after restoring it (well giving it a clean and a service really) I had one 2 mile run on it and promptly sold it , sounded nice but jeez no power!

Ready for the Winter.......Not

The Begonia Rally in 97, my god 24 Years ago! George Peddie's Rotary and Phils Commando (I think this was the year he won best Commando, something he reminds me of often)

See I told you the snow was warm then

And finally catching a ferry for Bute I think, The Youngers on their Katana and FZR, Hacko on his z900 and me on my Guzzi 


  1. Aye Gino, that Sunday fire and blether was good craic, even though my memories are not as early as yours. It's going to warm up, but get soggy again. Good health to you both, Myreside

  2. Aye Bill, hopefully soon we can get back to it!

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