Sunday 22 December 2019

Droning and Motorcycling

As part of our ever increasing electronic gadgets inventory Fiona has just got a drone, we are still getting used to it and today was the first time we tried to use it whilst out motorcycling. It was a very dreich day when we set off from Perth this morning but despite that we were going out anyway, Fiona had a chance to try out the rebuilt and rejuvenated BMW which i'm glad to say got a favourable review. A stop at the bridge in the sma glen to play with our other toy and then a run back via Dunkeld and Murthly avoiding the main roads, roads were mucky but bikes wash, a braw day it turned out to be, now feeling rejuvenated for the seasonal madness. I do think its a shame to put bikes away for the winter, you get days like this which although wet, cold and a bit mucky help re focus the mind and of course burning fossil fuels help the economy, sorry Greta :-)

The pilot
Pretty Triumph
Where did the damn thing go?
Moody sky
Sun did appear

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