Sunday, 21 January 2018

Guzzi Festive dinner

A run down to Moffat this weekend but sadly not on the bike for a meeting with fellow Guzzi owners and a night of insanity, hats were the theme (as if it needs a theme) but it broke the ice and ensured the abuse flowed even more freely than normal. Always good to meet our motorcycle pals in winter so we can all share stories of great expectations of the coming summer, a great night had by all and a scenic run down to the borders yesterday.
Fi testing the snow depth on the A702
Sheep doing sheep stuff
Me sporting the Guzzi jacket I won in a raffle about 10 years ago! (first time i've worn it)
Freezing fog ahead
Sheep sending out an SOS 
Nice views en route to Moffat
Horses huddle round some straw for a Saturday afternoon chat
Nice but much Ice
Moffat is an interesting town with many interesting buildings
Old fashioned Bakery
Very narrow Hotel
Scotlands oldest Drug dealer apparently
The ladies warming up
Interesting hats
Derek with Norton Belt
Martin and his micro hat
Hats were the thing
I liked the colonial hat
Forced to be a Princess
Fat Robin waiting for us in the garden when we got home


  1. Stunning snow shots, but I see why you did not ride. Nice looking town. I see you pinched Fi's crown!!!

  2. Hi Sara, thanks, yes I was a queen for the night ha ha, hope you guys are enjoying the heat down under!!!!