Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tullybannocher Norton Meeting

A real surprise, none of the storms and pestilence that had been forecast, we still packed the waterproofs just in case but for probably the first time since May they were not needed. A splendid run on the Norton up to Comrie, the Autumn colours were outstanding in the sunshine, the roads dry, whats not to like?
A nice turnout of bikes and plenty craic to be had, the pics will tell the story better.

My Mk3, still clean when I got home!
Sandy's latest ES2
The well used Smokey Joe
Talking bike nonsense
Another ES2
961 made it, hmmm
Ed has joined the ranks of slow wobbly classic guys with this very pretty Triumph
Classic Ducati and Guzzi next to a Classic tree
Phil's Ducati and Wilson's Mk2 Le Mans
Liz's Guzzi
Bill brought his Triumph but we let him off
Jeez did nobody mention this was a Norton meeting
Blah blah blah
Wilson's Guzzi
David, Phil and a random discussing "How fast does it go mister"

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  1. Aye Gino, how to sicken me, especially with Phil getting the Duke out! Looks like a really good day out and pleased it all went well. My regards, Bill