Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Marpha - Mukinath- Pokhara

A quick blog update, yesterday we left Marpha at 7am to head to Muktinath the higest point on uor journey at a mere 3700M, the roads were hell to begin with then for the last 15km they were good gravel. After a visit to the temple (of course) we set off back to Tatopani, a very challenging road but we all made it safely despite some obstacles, five river crossings, 2 bridge crossings, one wooden one a pedestrian suspension bridge (very interesting) plus the gravel and the mud, oh and a very dodgy bit where we had to wait for the digger to clear the road before we made our way by very gingerly. One of the guys, Serge came off yesterday and twisted his ankle so he is in the back up van while our mechanic rode the bike.

Today he pointed out my frame was broken so after 20km of the final “bad” road we stopped it Beni to get it welded (3 bikes needed welded!!) Back onto tarmac was bliss today but when i say tarmac it’s never long before there’s a bit missing. Tonight we are back in Pokhara for the night (thankfully to get our very smelly and muddy clothes washed)  An easier day tomorrow but this is Nepal, it’s never easy!
Bike wash
Fi getting it side on when the crashbar hit a rock
Peter and Neil stopped for a photo, so did I
Me thinking when will the motorway start
Roland from France thinking the same thing
Stunning scenery if you ignore me
The Moon might be like this
Good gravel
Fi keeping smiling
Big hills from the temple 
The believers run roond this freezing water shower, i don't so i didn't
Holy men lookiing for a holy hand out! All smoking dope and lying aboot!
Right said Fred from St Tropez
Lunch stop so happy Fiona
This was scary!
Glad to be in Tatopani for a beer!
Cleaned up, beer time
Broken frame and sidestand
Imagine travelling 3rd class on these roads, mental!
Fi emptying her boots and wringing oot her socks

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  1. Looks like bike preparation isn't a strong point for the organisers... Nice scenery though, and it's the first time I've heard anyone welcoming a good bit of gravel :D Apparently Scotland used to look like that before the ice came along and scalped all the hills. I'll smell you coming when you get back.