Sunday 24 July 2016

Bill's bikes in the garden & Erics Arbroath smokey classic meeting

Just recovering from the holidays and right back into the Classic/ Norton scene. First a get together of the mighty Tay Valley Norton club, a meet at the Clattering Brig cafe on the Cairn'o mount road Saturday lunchtime, no time yet to get a Norton sorted out so the Guzzi T3 was pressed into service to carry the two of us. A nice blether and small Norton gathering followed up later by the most superb hospitality from our Luthermuir member Bill Parr, we had a fantastic evening in Bill's company, the stories flowing as freely as the beer and then later the whisky, great to see everyone but unfortunately Phil & Forfar John couldn't stay the night, they still kept us company till quite late though.
A bit of a "sorry heid" this morning for those of us who had overdone the imbibing but Bills culinary skills brought us back to life. We then headed for Arbroath for Erik's wee smokey gathering, over 100 bikes at one point so not so wee and a big thanks to Erik for putting it on, great to catch up with many of my friends from the North East some of whom I haven't seen for years, too many to mention but we both thoroughly enjoyed the day. My brother John appeared with Lesley just as most people were leaving, need to get up earlier John!
The run home was fine for a bit then we got rain so headed home on the main road, the congestion coming into Edinburgh was a bit crap but didn't detract from what was a most excellent weekend!
A stop at Perth motorcycles for some great after sales service on our Interphone's (Thanks to Gareth) and gave Fi a chance to try the MV Augusta for size (again)  
Nice we spot and turnout
David and Phil captured by my on board camera woman 
Bill and Sandy going through the Royal Arck
Bill's Flat tanker, 100 years old soon 
Bill's JPN
Sandy smiling so there must be food on the go, Bill masterchef and master host also looking happy
Talking nonsense probably, the temptation of the whisky proved too much eventually
At the wee Smokey
Restored FS1E
I raced against these back in the day, evil handling when pushed
Aerial Leader
Super shiny GS
Jake's mighty Falcone!
Erik's BSA, nice!
Murray on his V11 Le Mans
Shiny Velo
Used 1931 KSS Velo
Tony's Nimbus (eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Bert's Nimbian!)
Triumph with a mix of original Patina and new parts


  1. Gino and Fiona and co, great to see you in Arbroath at the Wee Smokey today, hopefully this won't be your last visit.

    1. Eric
      Great to see you as well, enjoyed the day, hopefully see you soon
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Nice to see you both, albeit briefly. I think you'll find Eric's BSA is a Medel P Triumph.. ;-) Great action shots from Fiona!

    1. Cheers Jake, great to see you, had a bit of rain on the road home but it is Scotland! Aye, Triumph , BSA all the same to me ha ha, I knew that, why I wrote BSA I don't know