Sunday, 14 February 2016

Capper Rally

This weekend saw us going to the Capper Rally, a bit of a cheat though as its only 20 miles from our house but we camped and it was sufficiently cold to make us feel like we were doing our bit.. We both went on one bike, the T3 Guzzi, its a great bike and no chains to get messed up so ideal for this time of year although it does miss occasionally just enough to make you think its going to stop. A full overhaul of the carburettors is on the cards! Although not many attend the meeting its great to see everyone and it gives you a chance to catch up, very sociable, unfortunately I was a bit too sociable so the head wasn't great Saturday or Sunday. Friday night was cold, sub zero and some snow, I woke up a few times very cold, and only half in my sleeping bag, whisky has a lot to answer for!

I managed to actually get in my sleeping bag on Saturday so I survived the cold. Great to see our pals from Perthshire playing on the Saturday night (Slider), they performed a great set despite the lack of enthusiasm from the audience. Rallies have gone weird, now people party on the Friday and stay relatively sober on the Saturday due to the drink drive laws so they can legally drive Sunday morning but slider done their best to keep the party going (worked for me). Geoff won best bike on for his Harris, well deserved, I think Heather should have got an award just for going on the back of it in the wintry conditions. Roll on the Spring and some nicer camping and biking weather
Friday night banter 

Geoff and Kate posing for pictures

Geoff's Harris posing for pictures, I'm sure he said he's fitting a sidecar to it for next years Elefant!

Ade who is a regular visitor from Holland, Guzzi with sidecar, sensible man 

Larenn Bert and Fi pose for pics (after some beer)

The boys belting it oot!

My tent Sunday morning, yes it was cold!

The faithful and cold Moto Guzzi


  1. Hesistation might be carb icing if it was humid as well as cold? Personally, I found my hotel room a bit on the chilly side over the same weekend, so you're either very brave or very daft.... ;-)

  2. Did think about that but suspect Carb overhaul required. We both know the answer to your last statement Jake, Just daft.........

  3. The Beetle ran perfectly all weekend , because the diesel bike would not start :-(

  4. Replies
    1. Good to meet up Brian, and yep the band were braw