Monday, 4 January 2016

January 2nd insanity

First a happy new year to you all. Fiona came up with a plan to go camping on the 2nd of January to get us out of the house, of course it coincided with storms, heavy rain and flooding, undeterred we set off in the outfit ,first we had a nice lunch at a posh restaurant, (funny sitting in wet bike gear eating an a la carte lunch) Then we set off to do a bit of wild camping. The rain arrived on time and my stupidity in forgetting the cooking stoves meant we had nothing to brew up on or cook our dinner, my hopes of building a fire (I was prepared with logs etc) diminished as the sheets of rain rolled in. We decided at 7.15 it was all a bit pointless, we could see nothing due to the darkness and the rain, we couldn't start a fire or cook, if we were in the Siberian steppe it would have been fine but considering we had a house 40 minutes away it started to seem a bit pointless. Just as we were finishing packing up a car appeared our friend and saviour George Martin bearing a flask of hot tea, hot chip rolls and a selection on new year drinks, had he appeared 30 minutes earlier before the tents were down (we had one to sleep in and one as a shelter) we'd have stayed, if he'd been 10 minutes later we'd have missed him. It turned out well, a good bit of banter and a wet ride home in the rain and darkness, a different way to spend January 2nd and our shortest camping expedition to date.
It did reiterate to me though the importance of checking the essentials are packed (like a stove in winter), we'll remember it on the Bavaria trip .......
A short video to show the madness;


  1. All the best for 2016 you pair, and as for camping in Scotland, in January, sans cooker, well, there's no fool like an auld fool, right? :)

  2. Hi Jake, all the best for 2016 yerself. Aye Fiona's idea, my fault I forgot the stove, funny though

  3. OMG I laughed......... Gino "don't know what we are doing out here really"....... to good.