Monday, 26 October 2015

Mot and Nortons at Tullybannocher

A busy weekend and an early start Saturday, still dark and raining with a hint of gale force winds for the ride up to Perth's Cherrybank Garage for an MOT test on the T3 Guzzi, strarnge I wasn't looking forward to the ride, normally I hate riding in the dark but something just clicked. The Guzzi humming (or banging) away below me, light traffic (most sensible people were still in their beds it being the weekend) and some quiet contemplation in the confines of my helmet, an excellent experience. Some good banter with Hamish and Jimmy Storar whilst they checked the bike over and always a sense of relief when you get a pass. Jimmy is off soon to ride in the Macau GP so good luck to him.
Strangely the ride home not as much fun, almost certainly as other road users were now wanting to share my road, crowding towards Edinburgh to no doubt shop for stuff they don't really need and can't really afford, such is the entertainment the non motorcyclist public get up to on a weekend.
Sunday we were up early (but the clocks changed so it wasn't that early!) and up to Tullybannocher via the M9 as the Forth road bridge was closed due to "essential roadworks" again. Scotlands road system is a joke, nobody in the ivory towers of power should be allowed to use the words traffic and management in the same sentence, maybe even the same paragraph!
A good turn out for the day including all the usual suspects and some very nice bikes, encouraging to see so many lady riders there on the day, even Martin from work made the effort to come up from Glasgow on his modern Kawasaki, hopefully the seed planted is maturing into a nice classic in the future. I think that's why its important to include all at these meetings, only by answering questions and being enthusiastic about our chosen hobby will we be able to win some over from the dark side. Old bikes are fantastic fun and a complete pain in the backside at the same time but given the choice only one bike in the garage (God forbid) it would be a classic despite the number of times I've sworn at them whilst sitting at the side of the road.
People make excuses, "I'm too old" "they're not usable on modern roads" "unreliable" "My knee is playing up" "My back can't take it anymore" what they really mean is they have become boring! Now I'll finish this rant by saying because of the upward inflationary pressures on Classics not everyone can afford to have one in the garage and I understand that but how do we get more people onto them, one way we don't is by trying to sell them at inflated prices, next time you get rid of a classic bike have a think how much fun it gives you, do you want top dollar for it only for it to go to someone who won't use it and only see it as an investment or drop the price a bit and sell it to an enthusiast? You decide (and no at the moment I've none for sale!)

One of the "Rondelli" Nortons
Jake's Falcone with external flywheel conversion 
David T's Smokey Joe
Ian brought along his nice BSA outfit
Berts Indian, Laurenne's BMW and Bill's Fastback share space
Phils Ducati complementing George's 650SS
Sandy with his latest ES2
And a recent Atlas he restored
Wormit boys in full force
Gratuitous shot of Phils Ducati, being used as it should be 


  1. Thanks for the mention mate. Mind and keep an eye out for a nice Cali 2 and I might invest in a Guzzi yet :-)

  2. Aye Gino,
    Sorry, we missed the event! I met the Wormit trio just East of Newburgh, coming West as I was on a solo of Fife. Eyes LARGE! ;¬)
    Delighted to see Phil's bike featured, mine is still languishing and Morini the Minx is being cantankerous. :¬( Kat thought Phil went past again today, making music, I'm sorry I missed it, but Bush Estate weather was far better than Perth, with 15°C sun and dry against 10°C cold and drizzly!
    Good health to you both.

    1. You missed a grand day out Bill, catch you both soon