Friday, 14 November 2014

The 1158 to Nan

So after the Bankock bike club left at maximum revs and noise this morning we left in a quieter fashion to ride the fantastic 1158 to Nan, excellent day and great roads, one wrong turn cost us a 16 mile detour but got us lunch for 2 with tea and water for just over a pound each, a similar authentic roadside breakfast stop saw us get water for 2 and a soup/ noodle breakfast for us for a pound. We saw the locals working in the fields and fishing, had a great day where nobody spoke english and are now in a resort for a couple of days ' looks like we are the only europeans here, just us and about 70 single Chinese guys,, not sure what the crack is but who cares,, a meal for 2, 5 large beers , a pot of tea, several bottles of water for just over 20 quid not to be scoffed at (I drank all the beer, Fi's aff it for the day.
en route for dinner last night
Bangkok bike club

Fishing for a living

Great day for biking

Stopped in a local roadside cafe, The girl on the left in traditional dress, the one on the right feels left out i think

The bikes, very dirty now

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