Sunday 10 August 2014

Scottish Classic Motorcycle Show

Saturday was nice weather, a day finalising preparations for our trip to Germany later this week for the International Norton Rally. A pleasant run down to South Queensferry just to make sure the Nortons are good to go in quite warm weather so that's it now until we leave on Thursday.
Sunday it rained so luckily the Classic show was on at Ingliston just along from the house, glad it wasn't far, compact is probably the best way to describe it. Some nice bikes and the guests of Honour were Giacomo Agostini and Alex George. Funny thing is I cant get excited about "famous" people really so that wasn't the draw for me. The purple helmets were on outside going through their routine in the pouring rain, once again when you've seen it once then it loses its appeal.
I think the plan is to build the show up to equal Stafford but they do have a lot of building to do! Great to get out and meet everybody though, paying money to get into a hall to talk bikes seems normal these days.
Looking forward to our short (just under 2 weeks) Euro tour on Thursday, stay tuned to see our exploits.

The Purple helmets own brand of mayhem
Some of the mayhem not suitable for those of a nervous disposition
Dave Stewart as usual won top prizes for his New Hudson
And his Victoria, come on the Perth boys!
Rab Grant's nice Norton, also a prizewinner
I wish I could have afforded one of those back in my old racing days....
Nice to see an older MV, Ago signed most of them on the MV stand instantly making them all worth £500 more
And finally, really, not sure what this is all about

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